Here at SBÄM, sustainability is important to all of us. We all have to work together to enable the next generations to live on a planet that allows a decent life. Our mother earth is the highest good to protect. Future generations should also have the opportunity to experience nature in its beauty.

We are aware of the fact that we at SBÄM can still do a lot better and that we have not integrated sustainability into our daily activities everywhere. But we want to get better every day and that is our promise to our community.

For this reason, we have agreed on the following key points that we will implement at SBÄM Fest 2022 and beyond:

  • SBÄM will only organize concerts in cities or areas close to cities with good public transportation connections.
  • We will always ask our visitors to use public transportation and encourage people to carpool, if that’s not possible.
  • Our festival merchandising will be organic and sustainable only.
  • Backstage and visitor catering will be seasonal and regional food from organic production.
  • Through ongoing communication, we want to engage fans in sustainability issues, thereby raising awareness and encouraging them to change things in their everyday lives as well.
  • For our promo, we will increase the use of paperless alternatives (social media, festival website).
  • At the festival, we will only offer reusable cups including cup deposit.
  • For the festival production, we will use local digital consoles – thus saving and plug&play of sound settings will be possible to avoid the transport of the console. We will also use battery-powered radio microphones, work with local technology companies and focus on European products.
  • The festival will be powered by Ökostom, certified by Linz AG.

We are constantly working to make what we do even greener. We are always grateful for ideas and inputs. And would be happy if you help us to keep the festival area as clean as possible. Punk rock, but clean!