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What you can’t bring to SBÄM Fest

Like at any other live show, drinks, umbrellas, picture and sound recording devices, weapons, drugs, animals, backpacks that are bigger than A4, etc. are prohibited at SBÄM Fest

We would like to point out that there will be controls at the entrance to the festival area and that dangerous objects will be taken away! By entering the festival area, the visitor agrees to a personal check and a body check – as well as to the search of taken items (bags and the like). If necessary, these checks will also be carried out with the help of technical equipment (e.g. metal detectors). Taking dangerous objects with you is against the house rules and will be reported to the police if necessary!

Additional rules / prohibitions at the camping area:

Camping is only allowed within designated areas. No cars are allowed on the camping area.
Open fires, as well as bringing camping stoves, gas cartridges or similar are strictly prohibited. 


  • Gas cartridges
  • Glass and glass bottles
  • Flammable liquids
  • Open fires, barbecues, fireworks
  • Bulky objects (sofas, plywood, beer tables, benches, etc.)

No liability will be accepted for damage, injury or theft at the campsite.
Please help to protect the environment and keep your campsite clean!

Where to go for help

If you, or a friend, require medical assistance please alert a SBÄM staff member or security. And remember: If you see something, say something! Flag down any SBÄM staff member or securtity if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

What to do in an emergency

There are securities and paramedics on duty. Locate a member of SBÄM staff for any emergencies, who will be able to help or locate the correct assistance.

If you want to report a non-emergency crime or to provide information on a crime while at the festival, please go to the awareness point.

If a serious or life-threatening crime is being committed, please contact a member of staff immediately. In the unlikely event you cannot find someone, please call:

Fire department: (+43) 122
Police: (+43) 133
Ambulance: (+43) 144
International emergency number: (+43) 112


At open air events, unexpected measures may be required due to weather conditions (interruption of performances, evacuation of areas, etc.). These measures will be announced by loudspeaker  and by the security service. In this case, the orders of the security service are to be followed without contradiction!

Code of Conduct

As a global punk community, we are united by our subcultural origins and the punk ethos. SBÄM Fest is an event based on mutual respect and we expect you to behave accordingly. At SBÄM Fest you are expected to treat everyone with respect – no matter their gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other aspect of their appearance, origin or identity. Disrespectful behavior towards anyone else at the festival will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the festival at the discretions of the organizers. If anything happens to you that goes against this code of conduct or it otherwise inappropriate – or if you witness any such events – please speak up! Or crew is happy to help you and provide any further assistance if necessary. Thank you for doing your part to make the SBÄM Fest a positive and enjoyable punk rock experience for everyone!

These actions can get you removed from SBÄM Fest:

  • irresponsible or unsafe use of alcohol
  • accessing restricted areas without proper credentials
  • possession/use/sale of illegal drugs
  • engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone – raning from inappropriate behavior to violence
  • damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property

Any individual who violates this code of conduct may be IMMEDIATELY removed from the festival grounds and have their festival wristband revoked, without refund. Local police may be notified.


Please note that children are only allowed to enter the festival area when accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid SBÄM Fest ticket. Children are welcome at our festival, but be a responsible guardian and make sure your children wear sound protection (sound-proof headphones for children not earplugs!) at all times when they are near or in front of the stages or in areas where loud music is played!  Wearing sound protection is mandatory; therefore, we must remind you that anyone attempting to disobey this rule will be removed from the festival grounds and denied access without further explanation.

The Upper Austrian Youth Protection Act in its current version applies – more information can be found here!

Safety tips

Party safe

You can make the most of your SBÄM Fest experience by partying safely. Be mindful of how much alcohol you drink. Remember to eat enough and drink plenty of water. Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs is prohibited! Any drug use is dangerous, the best advice is not to use drugs. 

Stay cool and hydrated

Performances by your favorite punk rock bands in the blazing sun can really mess you up. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water, especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Keep cool by wearing a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, and staying in shaded areas from time to time.

Chill out and take a break

Heat stroke can easily happen, especially when you are out in the hot sun and partying. Cool off by drinking plenty of water and taking time out every now and then.

Bring your medication

Take any medicine you need with you. There will be paramedics on site, so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask them for help.

Protect your hearing

Booming guitar riffs and hardcore screams may be part of the SBÄM Fest experience, but they also put a strain on your hearing. Loud noise and music festivals go hand in hand, so be prepared and protect your ears with earplugs. Hearing protection is available at the entrance. If the noise level gets too loud and uncomfortable for you, take a break and get away from the speakers for a while.