June 3rd & 4th

Line Up

time Table

Side Actions

Skateboarding x SBÄM Fest

Beside all these Punk Rock stuff we‘re also addicted to skateboarding and because of that – what a surprise – there will be (again) a Mini-Ramp from IOU Ramps at SBÄM Fest. The whole thing is gonna be moderated by Chris Cab, scene legend and Punk Rock lover.
Mr. Hofbauer, Michi Nadler, Karin SchweizerAndi TucekPatrick Hofstätter and many others will also join the party. 
Of course you can also bring your board and skate along to NOFX, Rancid, Flogging Molly, …

This whole thing is presented to you by Sparkasse OOE and supported by 5Boro.

Drag King & Quings Wrestling 

We bring you Drag-Punk, Dreck(Dirty)-Drag! 

Drag is for all genders and diverse – like Punk! We want to show Dirt & Wrestling besides Glam & Queerness. Because we love freedom and fun and want to show that to the audience! Drag is not always just ‘on fleek’ – it is also wild, playful, sexy, passionate and open to all classes & personal backgrounds. The show includes 3 numbers, where 2 performers each wrestle and perform against or with each other to a song in front of an audience. Physicality is shown with consensual kinkyness, authenticity and positivity. Away from the toxic concept of masculinity / femininity, capitalist beauty ideals and exploitation of queer identities.

  • big merch area
  • tattoo area
  • beer pong area
  • and much more.

Be curious what else awaits you 😉